Queensland Railways

1460 / 1502 Class Locomotive


 Entering service as the 1460 class, Clyde Engineering supplied 42 units between early 1964 and mid 1966. They were numbered from 1460 through to 1501, they were powered by an EMD V12-567C engine. All were delivered in the QR blue/light grey colour scheme with the light grey extending along the sides of the footplate. Six of the class were delivered with Dynamic brakes and could be easily identified by the fan and radiator assembly in the roof of the short hood. In 1965 Queensland Railways celebrated their centenary and to mark the occasion locomotive numbered 1461 was repainted into the distinctive gold/dark grey/light grey colour scheme and fitted with nameplate Centennial. In the 1970s the livery was changed with the footplate colour changed to the same dark grey as the roof and use of the QR logo along the sides of the engine compartment. By the 1990s most units had been placed into storage, some were sold overseas and later returned interstate.  Several units are still active in Tasmania.  

 Entering service as the 1502 class. Clyde Engineering supplied 29 units between late 1967 and mid 1969. These units were numbered from 1502 to 1530, they were fitted with a more powerful EMD V12-645E engine. All were delivered in the QR blue/ light grey / dark grey colour scheme. External appearances were virtually the same as the 1460 class however the 1502 class engine exhaust was now a rectangular box style muffler with three circular outlets as opposed the more traditional EMD style of twin circular exhausts for the 1460s. The increased power of these units made them more suitable for passenger train working. In the late 1990s six units were repainted into the new corporate QR colours of yellow and red, these units were 1503, 1510, 1520, 1523 and 1526. In the 2000s six units were rebuilt with Maxi Cabs and transferred onto Standard Gauge for use with QR subsidiary Interail Australia. In 2006/7 another QR subsidiary ARG transferred 2 units to WA, and by the late 2000s 15 units had been sold to FCAB in Chile.  

The models are available in both 12.0mm and 16.5mm gauge and are standard with DC control or available with optional DCC Sound control.  

Sounds are exclusively from DCCSound.

These models have been produced with invaluable research and development provided by CGL Models.

Model Features:
- Highly detailed Ready-to-Run 1/87 scale model

- Available in  HOn3  &  HO gauge
- Precisely tooled body
- Genuine Kadee scale head whisker coupler 
- Separately applied handrails and detail parts

- All wheel electrical pickup
- LED head and marker lights
- Models are equipped with an MTC 21 pin motherboard 

- Exclusive sound by DCCSound

- 18" Minimum radius recommended




                                             DC  $ 335.00    each


                         DCC / Sound   $ 485.00    each




1460 Class Locomotive




1502 Class Locomotive


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