30 Goods Brake Van


75 of these vans were built between 1927-29 - being assigned the generic code LHG, which at the time, denoted being with lavatory facilities between the two passenger compartments.  These vans were used in block stock (sheep and cattle) trains having accommodation for accompanying drovers.  In 1935, these vans were re-coded as SHG.  As built, the LHG/SHGs had screw couplers, 2SE bogies and there were windows in the end of the guard's compartment.  During the late 1950s these vans were rebuilt with the end windows, dog boxes, end steps being removed and the mushroom roof vents replaced with torpedo style ventilators. 

With the opening of the Sydney-Melbourne Standard Gauge line in 1962, additional brake vans were required for the high-speed freight services. 36 SHGs were fitted with auto-couplers and 2AE bogies in the mid-1960s (1964-65) and re-coded BHG.  In 1969, there were 27 SHGs and 30 BHGs still in service.

Model Features:

  • Highly detailed Ready-to-Run HO scale model

  • Injection moulded high quality plastic chassis

  • Full brake rigging and underfloor detail

  • Etched brass details


  • Semi scale metal rimmed wheels

  • Genuine Kadee scale couplers

  • 18 Minimum radius recommended




Prototype Photos:

LHG 22542 - Original 1923 Version

SHG 22589 - 1958 Rebuilt Version

SHG 22560 - 1958 Rebuilt Version

BHG 22571 - 1963 Rebuilt Version