Victorian Railways

FX / VPFX     Bulk Flour Wagon

17 of these pneumatic discharge wagons were constructed between 1966 and 1971, they were numbered FX1 to 17. The first series FX 1 to 6 were built at Newport Workshops, the second series FX 7 to 17 were built at Ballarat North Workshops. The original series of wagons were designed so that two of the four hoppers were unloaded from each end. The second series differed from the first series by means of a single discharge point, via additional piping and manifold, at each end of the wagon. When the wagons were first delivered they were finished in silver with a small VR logo, later many of the series received flour company branding and some were also repainted white. Later their use was expanded to cover burnt lime (VPLX) and dried locomotive sand (VZGX).

Whilst coded FX denoting suitability for bogie exchange they were predominantly used on the broad gauge between Albury NSW and Williamstown Pier and Westall, in the mid-80s some ran on standard gauge to Enfield and Canberra. See images below.

The models representing the second series numbered FX 7 to FX 17 are available now.

We are also producing a model of the first series numbered FX 1 to FX 6. These will be available 4nd quarter 2016

Model Features:

  • Highly detailed Ready-to-Run HO scale model

  • Injection moulded high quality plastic body

  • Etched metal walkways

  • Full brake rigging and underfloor detail


  • Semi scale metal rimmed wheels

  • Genuine Kadee #158 whisker coupler 

  • 18 Minimum radius recommended


VR  60s    Pack A             FX 2    FX 3     FX 5                                                   SOLD OUT     

VR  70s    Pack A             FX 7    FX 11     FX 16                                                              SOLD OUT

VR  70s    Pack B             FX 8    FX 13     FX 14                                                       SOLD OUT

VR  70s    Pack C             FX 9    FX 10     FX 12                                                    SOLD OUT

VR  70s    Pack D             FX 1    FX 4     FX 6                                                     SOLD OUT

VR  70s    Pack E             FX 2    FX 3     FX 5                                             SOLD OUT

VR  late 70s    Pack A             FX 9    FX 15     FX 17                            SOLD OUT                                            

VR  4-Letter Code    Pack A             VPFX 7     VPLX 11     VPFX 13                             SOLD OUT

V/LINE    Pack A             VPFX 9     VPFX 13     VPFX 16                                              SOLD OUT

V/LINE    Pack B             VPFX 8     VPLX 14     VPFX 15                                            SOLD OUT

V/LINE    Pack C             VPFX 3     VPFX 4     VPFX 5                                              SOLD OUT      

FreightAustralia    Pack A             VPFX 10     VPFX 12     VZGX 17                            SOLD OUT


Each pack has three individually numbered wagons.         $ 198.00 per Pack


Single Packs 

Each pack has one individually decorated wagon.       $ 69.00 per Pack




Prototype Photos: