NR Class Locomotive


In late 1997 National Rail Corporation out-shopped two NR class locomotives bearing indigenous design based on the work by Alice Springs artist Bessie Liddle.

The first was launched in Sydney by Cathy Freeman in November 1997, Warmi NR30, featuring an Aboriginal Dreaming story. Decorated by Bessie after a Warmi dot painting showing a snake, bush tucker and women’s footprints. 

The second was launched in Alice Springs by Mark Vaile in December 1997, Kungara Mankurpa NR52, this design depicts the Star Dreaming story Seven Sisters. Decorated by Bessie, a dot painting showing the travels of the Seven Sisters and their pursuit by the Snake Man in Pitjantjatjara country.

The production is limited to a total of 660 units across the 6 options and is fully licensed by the artists agency.

NR 30 Warmi

Sold Out

NR 52 Kungara Mankurpa

Sold Out

Model Features:
- Highly detailed Ready-to-Run HO gauge model 
- Precisely tooled plastic body (ABS)
- Genuine Kadee scale head whisker coupler 
- Separately applied handrails and detail parts

- 5-Pole skew wound electric motor and dual flywheels
- All wheel drive and electrical pickup 
- LED headlights, marker lights, number boxes and ditch lights 
- All models come standard with an MTC 21 pin motherboard 

- Exclusive sound by DCCSound



Non-Powered          $ 235.00     each 

Powered - DC          $ 375.00

Powered - DCC / Sound    $ 495.00