During the early 1970's and in response to the changes in worldwide transportation, the NSW Public Transport Commission embarked on a major container wagon building programme.

A total of 560 63' container wagons were built over a six year period in 9 contracts. These wagons were suitable for carrying 3 x 20' containers or 1 x 40' container and 1 x 20' container or two 25' refrigerated containers.

In 1974-75 Commonwealth Engineering, Granville were awarded two contracts in the OCY programme, the first was for the wagon series numbered 14901 to 14950 and delivered in PTC Blue. The second contract was for the wagon series numbered 15001 to 15070 and delivered in PTC Indian Red. They were fitted with high speed, one piece, bogies meant these wagons were suitable for attaching to passenger trains.

Under the ROA national classification in 1980 they were re-coded NQOY, later some were fitted with three piece bogies and coded NQOF and NQPY which generally restricted them to Intrastate use only. During the Freight Rail period a tare weight reduction and container lock upgrade programme took place and the wagons recoded to NQBY.

With the formation of National Rail Corporation in 1994-95 the wagons were recoded to RQBY some of which received the NRC corporate livery of Dark Grey Blue and Marigold and later with further modifications recoded to RQSY. When Pacific National acquired NRC and the remaining state systems assets, no recoding of wagons took place however some received Sunflower liveried solebars LINK .

Model Features:

  • Highly detailed Ready-to-Run HO scale model

  • Injection moulded high quality plastic bodywork

  • Diecast metal underfloor centre beam

  • Full brake rigging and underfloor detail


  • All metal brake piping and pull rods

  • Semi scale turned and blacked 10.5mm diameter metal wheels

  • Semi scale metal knuckle coupler with coil spring

  • 18 Minimum radius recommended


OCY - PTC Teal 

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OCY - PTC Indian Red   


PACK B         SOLD OUT     


NQOY - PTC Teal 

PACK A              SOLD OUT

PACK B              SOLD OUT


NQOY - SRA Indian Red 



NQOY - Road Grime 

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PACK C            SOLD OUT

PACK D           SOLD OUT

Each pack has three individually numbered wagons.  $165.00 per Pack




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