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October 2019


We have received some production samples of our  all new  NR class models. NR30 and NR52 will be shipped later this month with the balance of the entire range following throughout November and early December.

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Whilst the Austrains NR model was very good dimensionally the detail level was firmly to 1990s standards. When embarking on the design of the Indigenous pair we took the opportunity to bring the detail level forward to compliment the new artwork.  


The full range of SDS Models  all new  NRs can be viewed here:    LINK

A re-run of our  VR  GY open wagon  is now in stock. These models feature new running numbers and two packs with 5" imperial lettering.


September 2019


The SDS Models 81 class will be the next locomotive we deliver and we will have final tool sample at the exhibition with the first deliveries expected in December. 

A re-run of our venerable VR GY open wagon is arriving mid October and the first of our VR OT 4 wheel rail tank cars will arrive in December. 


Retooling of the Austrains NEO VR PL series of passenger carriages is underway and we expect the first samples also at Olympic Park.

Also in 2020 we’ll reintroduce the Austrains NEO branded LHO and LHY brake van, the KP mail van with smooth sides and the LHG and GHO version all with suitable upgrading. A re-run of the SAR SO/SOC wagon is also planned in 2020.

The Phoenix Reproductions VR E open, SAR O open and VR S flat wagon have arrived and sold well at the recent Caulfield show, we likely underestimated the demand for the VR versions. A re-run with a new floor will proceed in 2020. 

The Phoenix VR D3 steam engine is due to arrive Qtr1 2020. After we’ll follow with some K class models for Eureka Models. These are due to arrive Qtr 3 2020 and will be available for Eureka Models and Phoenix Reproductions. 

The Phoenix NSWGR D50/53 classes will follow the K class production.

We have received the first engineering sample of the SAR 800 Class. These will arrive Qtr2 2020


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