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28 January 2012


We haven't been to China recently but we have been busy. We have finalised the artwork for all Rail Tank Cars.  See our wallpaper below for some of the many colourful versions that we are producing. Once the factory returns to work after their New Year holidays we'll update our delivery schedule. 

The OCY is also nearing production, the last two mods we requested have been finalised and we hope to get a production slot shortly with a projected delivery date in the middle of 2012. 

The BMF milk tank project has progressed to tooling with the first expected samples due around late April. This compact bogie wagon will be done in four distinct OAK liveries, many thanks to one very observant follower who located a picture of a white one trailing a Garratt on the Main North.

9th October 2011


Tank Car Product listing has been updated. We have added two 60s and one 80s 3-pack incorporating new tooling for the Standard and Shell 1938 versions.

Factory painted samples as displayed at the AMRA Liverpool Exhibition.

15 September 2011


We recently received new engineering samples of our Tulloch series rail tank cars, two has become four.


Tulloch 1947  -  10,000 Gallon Rail Tank Car


Tulloch Standard  -  10,000 Gallon Rail Tank Car


Tulloch Atlantic  -  10,000 Gallon Rail Tank Car


Tulloch Shell  -  9140 Gallon Rail Tank Car

5th June 2011

SDS Models will have a display at the Epping MRC Exhibition June 11th, 12th and 13th at the Thornleigh Brickpit.

The latest engineering samples of our OCY container wagon and 10.000 gallon rail tank cars can be viewed at the   Gwydir Valley Models stand.

16 April 2011

New Oil Train models for 1990's NSW and Victorian modellers. Based upon our range of earlier Tulloch Rail Tank Cars we are pleased to announce a set of Block Trains for Ampol and Freight Australia:  


Also new is a contemporary 3 pack of ex BP cars for Victorian V/LINE modellers:


In addition to these three new packs we're considering a Victorian Railways Rail Tank Car series:

23 January 2011

Tulloch 10,000 gallon Rail Tank Cars

The tank car project was to be the first SDS bogie goods wagon. The design brief incorporated the use of a standard NSWGR riveted tank car underframe, two styles of bogie, and two styles of dome and tank barrel.

We thought this was a fairly straight forward, however after several weeks of questions from our suppliers we quickly came to the conclusion this was a more complex design for them than it seemed to us. 

SDS had also provided our suppliers with the OCY data package. There were fewer questions being asked about the design of container flat than the tank cars. SDS took the opportunity to concentrate our supplier’s efforts on the development of the OCY model whilst we focused on the more specific details on the individual Tulloch tank car variants. The OCY project came together extremely quickly and we decided to proceed to tooling immediately. 

After an intense period of design SDS commenced tooling for the tank cars in September 2010. Each tank car model is made up from over 140 parts as shown in the diagram on the left.

SDS is producing two styles of Tulloch 10 000 gallon tank car. Some of these cars had a service life of over fifty years, most received several repaints and some had several owners during their colourful history.

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Our choice of the  NSWGR riveted tank car underframe provides us with an option of producing further styles of tank cars at a later date. Here are some examples: