Department of Defence


In the early 1950s the Commonwealth Government funded the construction of six wagons designed primarily to convey Centurion Mk3 tanks for the Army. These wagons were owned by the Defence Department but given NSWR wagon coding and numbering.



When they were not in use by the Army, they were pooled with other flat wagons for conveying of general traffic, steel plate and channel and other heavy or unusual loads.

Additional photos of heavy loads can be found here: Gallery



Model Features:

  • Highly detailed Ready-to-Run HO scale model

  • Injection moulded high quality plastic chassis

  • Full brake rigging and underfloor detail

  • Etched brass details



  • Semi scale turned and blacked 9.5mm diameter metal wheels

  • Genuine Kadee scale couplers

  • 18 Minimum radius recommended

TE / CENTURION - TRIPLE PACKS          @   $ 297.00        


TE / CENTURION  PACK 'A'               TE 11142      TE 11160     TE 11195              SOLD OUT

TE / CENTURION   PACK 'B'               TE 11153      TE 11189     TE 11200              SOLD OUT

The Centurion tanks are chained to the TE wagon.   All model tanks are individually numbered.


TE WAGON - TWIN PACKS                    @   $ 110.00

1950 / 60  PACK 'A'               TE 11142      TE 11160                                         SOLD OUT

1950 / 60  PACK 'B'                TE 11195      TE 11153                                         SOLD OUT

1970  PACK 'A'                       TE 11200      TE 11160                                         SOLD OUT

1980  PACK 'A'                     NZEF 11189      NZEF 11195                                          SOLD OUT

1980  PACK 'B'                     NZEF 11153      NZEF 11200                                          SOLD OUT

TE WAGON WITH STEEL LOAD - TWIN PACKS                 @   $ 143.00


1950/60  PACK 'A'                TE 11195      TE 11153                                       SOLD OUT

1970  PACK 'A'                     TE 11200      TE 11160                                          SOLD OUT

1980  PACK 'A'                     NZEF 11189      NZEF 11195                                 SOLD OUT

Each pack includes two TE wagons with two different steel loads chained to the deck. 


TE WAGONS WITH DISTILLER LOAD      @   $ 154.00         SOLD OUT

Four separate chains with etched turnbuckles are included with the model. If the wagon is to remain permanently assembled, its recommended that the chains be looped over the load and hooked on to the eyes on the bolster, as shown in photo. If you wish to remove the load, wed advise the chains be glued, sparingly, across the top surface of the Distiller to achieve a similar appearance.

The Heavy Load wagons are delivered as three separate items. This was necessary for secure packaging. The Distillation tower is hand cast in polyurethane resin and is a solid piece. To allow the wagons to track on model railway curves it was necessary to produce a pivot point between the load cradle and wagon bolster. Fitting the load onto the TE wagon is as simple as locating the two cast spigots into the deck bolster, however due to the casting process, the tower spigot spacing may vary by a small margin. In this instance the couplers will meet but not close completely, fortunately the large red drawbar will keep the wagons equally spaced whilst loaded.

CENTURION Mk3 - SINGLE PACKS                 @   $ 55.00      SOLD OUT

The Centurion comes as a painted and assembled cast resin model. It is available with four different running numbers.

PACK 'A'          169011

PACK 'B'          169018

PACK 'C'          169026

PACK 'D'          169032