The KQ container wagons were first introduced in 1969 as a stop gap measure until further FQX container wagons could be built; they were constructed on IZ (RY) wagon frames. There were a total of 60 wagons built between 1969 and 1973; the model reflects the first 30 wagons built at Bendigo workshops. They were designed to carry a single 20’ container, many were permanently fitted with a MC cattle container as shown in Rob O’Regan’s picture above.

Model Features:

  • Highly detailed Ready-to-Run HO scale model

  • Injection moulded high quality plastic chassis

  • Full brake rigging and underfloor detail


  • Metal rimmed wheels

  • Genuine scale Kadee metal knuckle couplers

  • 18” Minimum radius recommended

KQ    Pack 'A' 

KQ 4  /  KQ 8  /  KQ 13    SOLD OUT

KQ    Pack 'B' 

KQ 16  /  KQ 24  /  KQ 30    SOLD OUT

KQ    Pack 'C' 

KQ 1  /  KQ 3  /  KQ 12    SOLD OUT

KQ    Pack 'D' 

KQ 6  /  KQ 14  /  KQ 27    SOLD OUT

Each pack has 3 individually decorated and numbered wagons.  $99.00 per Pack