The last one hundred four wheeled M cattle wagons (numbered 780 to 879 inclusive) were built by the VR Newport Workshops in 1952/53 to a similar design as earlier cattle wagons. These later built wagons incorporated some distinguishing features over the previous series of cattle wagons with the combination brake cylinder air receiver being mounted along the wagon centreline and the brake rigging passing below the axle. The handbrake also featured a deeper V hanger which was often referred to the as the “GY” style handbrake, the canoe panel at the end of the wagon was enclosed and many of the wagons also received square axle box journals. Our models reflect these subtle variations and each pack includes 9 and 10 spoked wheeled wagons with the matching axle box style.  

The weight of our model complements that of a Steam Era Models M cattle wagon allowing them to be operated together, they also feature a removable roof with an optional stamped self-adhesive metal weight for those modellers wishing to increase the wagons weight.


(Pre-production Sample)


Model Features:

  • Assembled Ready-to-Run HO scale model

  • Highly detailed wagon body and underfloor

  • Full brake rigging and underfloor detail

  • 3-piece brake rigging allowing for wheel-set removal

  • Spoked and disc wheels with stainless steel tyres


  • Moulded wheel centres with inside detail

  • Two styles of axle box journals

  • Genuine Kadee scale head metal couplers

  • 18” Minimum radius recommended

Highly detailed brake rigging and underfloor


Detailed floor
Ultra thin removable roof


Solid disk, 10 and 9 spoke wheels

The roof is removable and a steel weight is supplied to increase the mass as required. See here. 

M    Pack 'A' 


   M 831 Split Axle Box                    M 868 Split Axle Box                    M 798 Square Axle Box 

M    Pack 'B' 


   M 897 Split Axle Box                    M 878 Split Axle Box                    M 843 Square Axle Box 

M    Pack 'C' 


    M 822 Split Axle Box                    M 850 Split Axle Box                    M 786 Square Axle Box 

M    Pack 'D' 


       M 837 Split Axle Box                    M 859 Split Axle Box                    M 863 Square Axle Box 

Each pack has 3 individually decorated and numbered wagons.  $143.00 per Pack