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These TNT containers were the original Aussie Hi–Cubes, quickly earning the nickname ‘Jumbos' they were the largest domestic containers in Australia.

When introduced in 1974 by TNT / Alltrans for GM-H parts traffic between Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane they required specially built low deck height wagons to ensure they were within the loading gauge.

Initially the company name was displayed on thin sheeting attached to the side and end of the container. However as each journey required transhipping, damage to the sheeting was common, by early 1978 the company names were being painted directly onto the ribbed side.

In later years other Freight Forwarders like Mayne Nickless, Brambles, Railex, Interlink , Intermodal and SPD began utilising the same Freighter Industries Ltd built 'Jumbo' containers.

During these times many Interstate freight trains were dedicated entirely to loading by these forwarders and with guaranteed next day arrival times these services were always assured of a 'path' by Signallers and Train Controllers across all three networks.


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