Older NEWS:


December 2010

The 40’ TNT Jumbos and the Alltrans versions are now in stock. 

To cater for the pre-order demand for these versions, we added an additional pack B for both Alltrans Express and Alltrans Railfast, Order Forms and the web page have been updated to reflect this addition. The factory is hoping to have the pre-production samples of our V2 Jumbos to us before CNY.


Our Not Quite Right GC RACE containers also arrived; we included a small photo essay on the differences to our first quality versions, which are currently being finished in China.

These NQR packs are available at the reduced price of $29.95 per pack.  Some people may think we’ve gone completely overboard regarding this irregularity of finish, however as modellers, we want to provide products that are as correct as possible.


November 2010

Just received from the factory: A couple images of the first tool samples for the OCY.





Two months ago, just after the Victorian RACE containers were despatched, we were awaiting an email from the factory advising the shipping date of our remaining RACE container order. However, the email we received commenced with the words " minor problem with white background colour ", not exactly the news we were expecting. A flurry of emails followed and we were advised that due to their decorating process the white edge to the RACE logo didn't meet with their QC requirements and it affected the entire production. To the factory's credit they then spent several weeks working on a solution that was viable. Happily we now have a result which involves several more printing operations, and the remainder of the RACE production is now close to finalisation and they will be shipped in about 3 weeks.

This situation will result in us receiving two production runs of GC RACE container, the original re-worked versions along with the new production version.  We'll have a NQR (not-quite-right) sale price for the re-worked version, both will be on display at Liverpool and we feel most people will agree upon inspection, if the difference wasn't highlighted you'd have never noticed. These NQR containers will be ideal for weathering up just like the prototype.


The 40' Jumbo Alltrans and TNT containers have been printed and will be packed and despatched in the coming weeks, artwork for the next series of 40'ers has been finalised and we're awaiting samples later in October.

Our first NSW bogie wagon will be the Commonwealth Engineering OCY, to compliment SDS containers. The tooling has commenced and we expect the engineering samples by mid November. These wagons entered service in the mid seventies and are still in container service today.


August 2010

Just arrived, Victorian 20' VGC RACE containers in VicRail and V/line liveries. The VicRail versions are proving extremely popular. The colour and finish are superb and the crispness of the decoration is a must see.


Also in are the production ready Engineering samples of the Version2 TNT 40' containers that were strengthened for stacking, these have been signed off, the artwork and order forms will be on the web page shortly.

In addition to our TNT / Alltrans containers, there will be some extremely colourful combinations of V2 Jumbo containers appearing. This will allow all 70's and 80's Intermodal modellers to faithful recreate their favourite Interstate high wheeler in HO scale.


June 2010

Just arrived, the first of our series of 20’ railway containers.

The Victorian Railways MC cattle container, there are four packs to choose from, each pack has three individually numbered containers. These containers were used all across the VR system and into South Australia; later 30 were transferred to NSW for stock traffic.