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9 December 2012

New bogies

First engineering samples of two new bogies for some of our future rail tank car projects



31 October 2012

Tulloch Rail Tank Cars - Limited Release

An unexpected find when we recently moved our rail tank car production to our new factory was the supply of some partially built models. Once the new factory rectified the suspect chassis tooling and a few other parts they asked if wed like these cars assembled. Weve combined the painted and decorated tank barrels with new mouldings to create a Limited Release of 1970s Rail Tank Cars.

Click here for larger photos of the models.

Our next production will be the 50s and 70s triple packs.


25 September 2012

SDS Models is attending the AMRA NSW exhibition at Liverpool this long weekend, look for us at Stand 66.

Models now in stock:

NSW OCY / NQOY 63 container wagon. See this Page for all the details.

NSW BMF  5000 gallon milk tank    

 VR KQ 22 Container wagon. 

Tulloch Tank Wagons: 

Having successfully moved this project into our new factory we are looking forward to completing our tank car program with them. As a prelude to receiving the first of our advertised range these guys have taken some of the original vendors painted tanks, remoulded all the suspect chassis parts and assembled a series of single tank cars that will arrive just in time for the AMRA exhibition. See here.

1959 BCW and FMW

Engineering samples were received in August and minor adjustments have been commenced. The factory are aiming for delivery of both cars before the end of the 2012.

The BCW chassis is complete with a moulded slope sheet that was a standard feature of all stock wagons, see below.  

The BCW and FMW wagons ride on our AQA bogie complete with moulded wheel centres featuring both solid disc and 4 hole disc patterns.

M Cattle Wagons

Engineering samples of this wagon were also received in August and some adjustments to the tooling of floor and sides are being completed.

This wagon is based on the last series of VR M cattle wagons built in 1952/53, they have many unique detailing features which SDS Models aims to replicate.



18 July 2012


Train Wreck in China

The first release of our planned range of Rail Tank Cars has arrived, and whilst we may be biased we think they look great, however this release comes with a catch.

It became apparent that when the first production samples arrived that several items we'd been calling to the attention of the factory for almost twelve months hadn't been addressed satisfactorily.

The wagon painting and decorating is superb as are the running qualities of our semi fine scale wheels but the fitting of some of the etched metal and wire parts isn't consistent with our requirements nor are they to the standard the factory had previously met with their earlier engineering samples. Whilst the factory had continuously updated us with pictures of the painting and decoration process, unfortunately a proportion of the cars had been assembled between when the samples were despatched and when we received them.

Several days of terse emailing ensued and the options the factory laid out gave us either a partial refund and they'd junk the stock or we take the built up models and wear the consequences locally, they think the models are beautiful.

As we'd already taken the OCY project from this company, after a 12 month hiatus in development, we took the opportunity to exit immediately. 

Fortunately the company with all our other projects was looking for additional work and from their initial assessment they have no doubt they can deliver to the standard we require, looking at their BMF and OCY samples we have no doubt either.

All the moulded parts, tooling and decoration plates have been forwarded to our new partner and once they have completed their assessment of the project we'll re-confirm our delivery schedule.

We now have a limited quantity of stock of 1950s Pack A and 1950s Pack B at $132.00 per pack and Singles 1950s GF4 and GF5 and 1970s BP222 at $44.00 per car. 

All existing 1950s Tank Car customers will receive a separate offer outlining several options and we'll notify you via email or mail immediately. 

Customers who would like to view the models can do so at Casula Hobbies in Liverpool, MRRC in Blacktown and MicroModels in Hornsby. The models will be available for sale once the pre-orders have been despatched.  

1950s Pack 'A' :

1950s Pack 'B' :

Singles :


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